AI Bot Supports All Businesses

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Our AI Bot will enable your day-to-day business automation operations to become stress-free. You’ll be able to focus on other key factors in your business while the operations become painless. The bot generates leads through product listings on various websites all over the web. Additionally, it reroutes those leads in order to level out workflow. It knows how to interact with human-like conversations to your customers, pre-purchase as well as during the process of purchase. Handling all in progress shipments & after shipment is complete is also a key factor that the algorithm has mastered. All support tickets and phone calls to customer support will be handled by the online operations management software as well as automatic review generation after the customer receives your product or service. Furthermore, our driven and experienced sales team is able to sell products for you instead of letting them sit there on the internet hoping leads will find it.

The generation of leads through the AI Bot is superior to any other form of lead generation due to the fact that the operations management software is able to expose the top prospects that will quickly turn into revenue. These leads are generated through your product listings all over the web, resulting in organic lead generation as well as assisting in your SEO standpoint online. Those product listings will enable those prospecting customers to visit and view your website in order to gain trust with you, the main seller. All of these various websites on the web will contribute to business automation by allowing people from all over to view them from separate search engines and automatically enable sales conversions right on your own website. The workflow distribution is solely managed by the AI Bot, allowing your own employees to experience the smooth process. Operations management in lead conversion suddenly becomes no work at all, and focus can be driven towards product and service delivery.

The bot is automatic, meaning it already knows how to interact with humans with perfect conversation in order to maximize scheduling and operations. From the pre-purchasing standpoint, we can educate the prospect on any details and aspects of your product in order to increase lead conversion as well as convert solid sales right then and there. If scheduling is needed, the operations management software can automatically create these schedules for you so you can always stay up to date with new appointments, never missing a paying customer. During the process of purchasing, the business automation aspect of the bot auto-monitors and verifies all actions made by the buyer and follows up if the process is not completed. Stop having to follow up with every single lead and sales conversion to make sure everything is running smoothly. Let the automatic bot do all the work.

Once purchased or scheduled, your product or service will be completely monitored by the AI Bot. During the process of shipment, tracking details are shared with every included party while the operations management software makes sure everything is going as it should. Once delivered, your product will be analyzed by the customer for their needs.You will never have to communicate with an angry customer again over something you cannot personally control or change through this tactic of secure business automation. If the product or service has been damaged or was not delivered to their expectations/at all, the bot can automatically communicate directly with your customer and the verified seller to find an appropriate solution. Selling and delivering operations are constantly being monitored to ensure quickest response time and the highest possible customer satisfaction.

When handling all of your inquiries, the AI Bot is able to increase your response time exponentially, resulting in a major decrease in escalations. It’s able to handle all good and bad support tickets, giving you frequent reporting for these outcomes. The automatic bot tracks and records the manner of each support ticket as well as calls. Calls are able to be monitored and answered by our driven and experienced support team, allowing you to again, never speak to another angry customer. The operations management software handles all concerns, questions and issues that come from your product and service, allowing them to build trust in your company and your business automation software regardless of their experience. Make sure your customers are being handled in the right manner in order for your word of mouth and online reputation to not become spoiled.

Instead of trusting someone to post your products and leave them there to let them sell themselves, let our adept and expert business automation sales team handle it. You no longer have to monitor the online operations management of your company, as we will take on with full effort to push all of your products. Sit back and simply generate revenue while our successful team and automatic AI Bot handle everything from lead generation to complete sales conversions of your expert products and services.