Renesent founders came from humble beginnings; an opportunity was nothing but a dream for kids with difficult background. From their first business failures to running one of America’s fastest growing companies, success was what made out of those scant opportunities. Remembering each other’s roots, when getting their first shot to make it big the founders promised to give back.


If you or someone you know has the spirit and a dream let us know.

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Become an entrepreneur

Our Partners

We provide full mentorship along with

Investment, micro-loans as well as rebranding spent

Marketing/advertising campaigns.

Business operation and administrative support.

Growth and scale management.

Get discovered and be on top everywhere

Entrepreneurs love Renesent

Partnering with Renesent provided me with lots of opportunities to meet startup CEOs, investors and startup service agencies in a similar field that helped me to find resources to improve my business model

- Vicky H.

Renesent keeps on applying and refining their strategies, being with their professionals definitely changed my view about how I should approach my clients and put me on the highway to success.

- Harry K.

Renesent helped me grow my business from being operated from my own home to 2-floor office, They helped me by hiring and training our team to be the best. They helped me to rebrand my product and sell it to the market in a better way. Currently, I am generating a good income through this business just because of them.

- Martha J.


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