Renesent's order protection service gurantee is designed to help create trust between buyes and suppliers. it covers the buyer in the event of payment, shipping, and product quality-related disputes.


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Multiple Payment Methods.

Our secure online payment options include Online Bank Payment, credit card and T/T. Renesent secures your payment with its anti fraud systems. However, in order to get this coverage, you must make payment to the supplier’s Citibank account as designated by Renesent




Shipping protection.

Secondly, in case the supplier does not ship on time and as per the contract, your order will be eligible for a full refund.


Does Trade Assurance charge fees?

No. Order protection is a FREE service for buyers. Standard transaction fees still apply.

Q: What is the assurance covered amount?

Trade Assurance protects your order value. Hence, if the supplier does not meet the requirements for shipping time or product quality as agreed in your contract, you can open a dispute. If you can’t resolve the issue with the supplier, and the supplier deemed to be at fault, will provide you with a full refund for your covered amount.

Q: How do I place an assurance Order?

You can either complete the Trade Assurance contract yourself or ask the supplier to draft one for you

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Can't believe how fast it was to book jobs; it was really easy to set up an account and they had customer service reps available too!

-Randy Morrison

I was first interested in review management services with Renesent; we were pleased with the results at first and didn't realize they had other offers. Now we added their ticket solving solutions and our admin costs have halved this fiscal quarter.

-Randy Morrison

I was shocked at how quick the response time was from their customer service! Renesent made it easy to get started in shipping orders across the US, even during COVID.

-Randy Morrison


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