The Complete Guide to Getting More Google Reviews

The importance of Google reviews and how to get them.

Google Reviews & Why They're Important


Why Are Google reviews So Important?

Research shows that 92% of customers prefer online reviews before choosing a business. Although other review websites are important,Reviews on google have the most impact while opting for a service/business since most of the audience go to Google while searching for a business We’ve discovered that 58% of all reviews written in 2018 were composed on Google, more than Facebook and Yelp combined.

It’s all about Google!

The first place that most of audience use while searching for anything is Google: a great shopping mall nearby, to find a good plumbing services, or even the best place to fix your car.

Google’s strong and ever-adapting search engine, maps, business listing, and reviews guarantee that the searcher gets the data that the individual in question is searching for – data that is complete, pertinent and dependable.

Google reviews follows a promise to quality that all other Google items are known for. Main concern – Google reviews inspire trust!

Benefits of Reviews

Local search ranking and Google reviews Local search ranking on Google is critical, particularly if you have a physical store, or if your business serves to a specific region. Your business needs to appear high in query listings if you want customers to choose your business

Quality, Quantity, and Frequency

Clearly, it is important that your overall rating should be good for the customer to show interest in your business. If your rating are good the customer will surely choose you.

We’ve discovered that the average rating across google reviews in 2018 is 4.3. Scoring below 4.3 can cause clients to feel that the services offered by the business is not up-to mark.

Most often the best businesses have a great google ratings. Checkout how top rated business gain their good ratings.

Having a bunch of reviews isnt enough, businesses need to constantly update and seek out new reviews. Having lots of reviews doesn’t mean anything to a lot of customers if they’re all from a year ago. Studies show that 44% of customers consider reviews older than a month irrelevant.

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