The Complete Guide to Getting More Google Reviews

The importance of Google reviews and how to get them.

Google Reviews & Why They're Important


Why Are Google reviews So Important?

Studies show that 92% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. While all reviews sites are important, Google reviews have the most impact because people turn to Google more than any other search engine or review site. We’ve found that 58% of all reviews written in 2018 were written on Google, more than Facebook and Yelp combined.

It’s all about Google!

Google is often the first place consumers look when they are searching for almost anything: a dentist accepting new patients, a good restaurant for an anniversary dinner, or even the best place to get their car serviced.

Google’s robust and ever-adapting search engine, maps, business listings, and reviews ensure that the searcher gets the information that he or she is looking for – information that is comprehensive, relevant and reliable.

Google reviews follow the same commitment to quality that all other Google products are known for. Bottom-line – Google reviews inspire trust!

Benefits of Reviews

Local search ranking and Google reviewsLocal search ranking on Google (or SEO) is extremely important, especially if you have a brick-and-mortar store, or if your business provides a service to a certain locality. Your business needs to show up high in search results if you want the customer to consider your business.

Google reviews is a ranking factor to show up on Google search results. Simply put, more Google reviews = better local search rankings.

Quality, Quantity, and Frequency

Obviously, your overall star rating is important for showing potential customers they can trust your business. If your business shows up high on search rankings, you definitely need to look good in order for the customer to choose you.

We’ve found that the average rating overall across review platforms in 2018 is 4.3. Scoring below a 4.3 can make customers feel like the services that you’re offering are below average.

Most of the time, the best businesses have more Google reviews. Check out how top rated businesses compare to typical businesses in their industry.

But having lots of reviews isn’t the end of the story. Businesses need to constantly seek out new reviews, no matter how many reviews they already have. Having lots of reviews doesn’t mean anything to a lot of customers if they’re all from a year ago. Studies show that 44% of customers consider reviews older than a month irrelevant.

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