Generating Leads and Turning Them Into Customers

Publié par John Daniel le

If you know how to present yourself online, you will be able to generate organic leads and allow yourself to spend your money in other key departments. What happens when it works a little too well, and you can’t handle the incoming business? Let an AI Bot handle that.

Using new technology that enables fast human-like communication and executes all admin tasks for prospective leads is the ultimate solution. Our AI Bot is the best and most proficient way to ensure that zero leads slip through the cracks and your online reputation will quickly grow from fast and trusted service. Impressing a client with swift communication is key for trust between provider and customer. Many bad reviews are sourced from this issue and oftentimes it’s due to increased workload, not necessarily negligence. The AI Bot will ensure that all customer concerns are brought to attention and can easily communicate with potential customers, setting up scheduling and even converting sales directly on your website. Having an automated assistant run everything behind the scenes will pay off greatly in the amount of customers you’ll be able to advise and attend to once you’re out from underneath the burden. From small businesses to large corporations and franchises, the AI Bot will handle any workload and ensure quality of leads before they hit your doorstep.

Quality leads are extremely important in not wasting advertising dollars, and our AI Bot will communicate with the hottest prospective leads and will continue to do so, as close to a sale as possible resulting in decreased workload. Time management is of the essence, and you will be able to monitor and manage all activities you have online with a single AI Reporting dashboard.

Once you’ve been able to get to all of these new customers, the job has been done well and you definitely deserve something from it. The AI Bot will automatically send out a 5-Star Review Generation notification in order to get the most recent feedback from those happy clients. They are able to use your platforms to express their satisfaction, and any others will be taken and brought to the attention of your management so there are zero incoming negative reviews. Even if they did not have a good experience, they will have a sense that something is being done and will decrease the chances of them leaving you a bad review. Customers with a positive experience will be happy to share their positive judgement, resulting in an increase in your star rating and general online reputation for other customers to see.

The AI chat bot can be implemented on all social platforms, websites and even emails in order for your customers to have 24/7 support. It acts as a member of your team and shows initiative in making sure all clients are handled in a timely fashion and guided in the right direction to receive the best results from your product or service. The chat bot will greet customers on your website and allow them to ask questions, give pricing and even go as far as converting sales. This is all while you are managing the rest of your business needs, and it doesn't get easier than that.

Having a reliable online AI Bot that completely manages all online aspects of leads and customer support will significantly increase trust and value in your product, and organic leads will start making a line. These leads are detrimental to your online presence, as they are interested in your product or service without any advertisement going to them, saving that for more unaware customers. You no longer have to imagine where your company might be if you were able to get to every paying customer interested in your company, because now it’s faster, easier and cheaper than ever. The automatic software uses our advanced algorithms so that these customers feel comfortable, as if they were speaking to a real person. At the same rate, once the client is satisfied with the end results of whichever product or service rendered, enable them to leave you good reviews with an automatically generated 5-Star Review notification. Using the AI Bot to manage all stages of your customer base will allow you to convert more sales and speed up the entire process, from start to finish.