Evening the Playing Field for Business Marketing

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Advertisements such as banners, billboards, and company cars completely enveloped in your business’s decal have always been great ways to start getting your business out into the world. However, a majority of today’s consumers now have their eyeballs so plastered to their phone screens that these marketing strategies have become obsolete.


If a consumer is searching for a good seafood restaurant, for example, they rarely pull out a phone book or ask Aunt Betsy for a good recommendation. No, the first thing they do is search for it on the internet. If your enterprise isn’t online and at least on the first populated page when searched, you are missing out on hundreds if not thousands of consumers.


With thousands of businesses in each and every industry constantly competing to reach the same consumers, getting to the top of that Google search engine we all know too well seems like an impossible and overwhelming feat. To accomplish this grueling crawl to the top, several business owners spend thousands on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies. Although this can be effective marketing wise, in the long run it is not cost efficient.


On average most SEO companies charge anywhere between $750 and $2,000 for monthly SEO. Now let’s say you decide to hire one consulting specialist instead, most individual SEO and marketing consultants will run between $80 and $200 per hour. Finally, say your company is running a special project for one specific product or promotion and wants to do a one-and-done deal for this project’s SEO, most company's final cost for a project’s SEO alone is between $5,000 to $30,000 depending on company size and outreach. To a longer standing establishment this might not seem too terrible, but long term it will take its toll especially when the reality is that SEO is something a business needs to constantly be on top of in order to stay current.


As a start-up company itself, Renesent quickly realized the burden of financially supporting its SEO marketing and worked diligently to resolve it. After months of long days with our development and engineer teams we finally produced a revolutionary algorithm within our technology to automate the best SEO, saving us thousands of dollars.


After working with several businesses to optimize their automation, it came to our attention that SEO, in all of its overpriced glory, is a worldwide problem for struggling business owners. In response to this, we began offering our free SEO automation to businesses all over the world. To this day we continue to stress the importance of an online business presence while still offering our SEO automation for free forever. 


One of our many goals as Renesent is to optimize business automation for our fellow business owners, which is why we’ve taken this revolution of automated, free SEO and are serving it up to businesses all over the world on a platter. We’ve come, to even the playing field.