Dealing with 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic

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In the year 2020, pushing paper has become obsolete, and during the National COVID19 Pandemic the amount of customers physically walking through business doors has seemed to dwindle. Most businesses and customers alike have had to evolve and acclimate to the overwhelming amount of options we now have when conducting business electronically. Renesent's cutting edge software technology and exceptional staff allow us to assist in simplifying and automating the management of your enterprise's online presence. This includes but is not limited to business marketing, customer support and sales as well as operations.
Most businesses depend on not only their customers making purchases but also the purchases they make from other companies to stay afloat. As a business owner and a link in that chain, it's important to have a reliable platform where you can conduct your operation with ease. To start, Renesent offers you that platform for free. Our Business to Business platform allows you to post and offer your product and services on a global scale and complete transactions once gaining customers. You can also initiate and close trades and purchases with other businesses. Renesent asks for 15% from every transaction so that we can continue to offer our plethora of other impeccable and affordable services.
As you're reading this, billions of people are exchanging business related information from different parts of the world via the internet using thousands of different platforms. Be it purchases, exchanges or even just customer reviews. Even online inquiries in relation to your business specifically are not simply tethered to one search or review engine. Renesent possesses an algorithm that eliminates the hassle of scrounging for scattered technological information. We allow you to better run your establishment and we offer easy access to how the internet views your operation online by compiling it onto one dashboard showing several major search engines and review sites. The aforementioned algorithm uses Geo Tracking to scan and detect for negative or inconsistent reviews pertaining to your enterprise which is one of our most popular, effective and affordable add ons offered with our monthly dashboard subscription.
In addition to a state of the art AI system that assists us in automating a large portion of your online business management, Renesent also comes with a team of experienced, living, breathing professionals dedicated to ensuring that you receive the utmost amount of satisfaction while doing business with us. Feel free to explore our website or give us a call at (415) 966-4911. If we receive your call after hours, not to worry, we will return it same day.
We look forward to making our business, your business