AI is Now

Publié par John Daniel le

We are all familiar with the standard AI movie plot where humans create an AI system so human-like that it becomes self-aware and either A: Falls in love with a human- or B: Tries to take over the world. Neither scenario ever seems to end well. 


In the real world, however, AI isn’t the future. AI is now, and as a business owner the more your company grows, the more you’re going to need it. Statistically 70% of the average business’s spending is on payroll. Now payroll means real money going to real people who work for you. Real people, obviously, aren’t machines and have needs. They take sick days, make mistakes, and cannot work 24/7. 


One of the most common complaints about AI systems is that there is nothing human or helpful about them. Common belief is that their only purpose is to get you to select a system of numbers on a dial pad to get you to the right human. “Press 4 for customer support.” “I’m sorry, what was that?” To which most frustrated consumers respond with, “I want to speak with a real person.”


Renesent has developed a revolutionary technology that allows us to provide you with the best AI available. Although our AI isn’t advanced enough to fall in love with you or take over the world, it is advanced enough to provide human-like conversation with clients and potential clients alike.


Our AI can assist your clients with any kind of support they need anywhere from technical to billing 24/7 so that you don’t have to have employees pulling night shifts or on-call. Renesent developers also gave our AI the capabilities to conversationally recognize a lead. This means that day or night, whether your employees are available or not, your company is constantly generating leads. Once leads are generated, the AI will then forward the lead to a sales rep or set up a sales call if it is after hours.  In turn allowing you to save money on customer support


Most companies who offer automation along with an AI system can’t actually provide all of it themselves. This means that one branch or another that you pay them for is being subcontracted to a separate provider. For example, if you pay them for AI customer support and SEO, chances are your SEO is coming from a separate affiliate meaning that you will have to reach out to at least 2 different companies if you ever have questions or concerns about your automation. 

With Renesent, you’re dealing with a one-stop-shop. Our technology is so unique and so advanced that no one out there can be subcontracted to do what we do how we do it. We offer automation in all branches as well as the best most affordable AI system. We have confidence in our product because we utilize it daily. Try using our chat option on and see for yourself.