How to sell your unused supplies is a destination to buy and sell unused products & supplies, and it’s free to use. you can vend items based on your location. This is ideal for selling larger items like furniture and car parts without having to fuss over shipping — and spreading the word to your social media community.

Like Craigslist (which vendors should use with caution given past scams), selling on is free to use and users negotiate how they want to pay; unlike Craigslist, it touts the benefit of being able to sell to/buy supplies from people all around the US in competitive prices. Free and with no transaction fees, this makes a good competitor for and for local selling and buying, is another option for selling stuff locally.

If you’re looking to sell on, remember these tips:

  1. You need a camera (your smartphone should be fine)
    A picture is worth a thousand words, or however much you’re trying to get for an item. You don’t need to be a master photographer, but you do need to put some care into producing clear photographs that accurately relay colors, form, and other key details.


  2. Provide accurate measurements
    Taking measurements is imperative if you’re trying to sell something high-end like storage boxes. You’ll want to relay the diameter, length, and width to make your listing accurate to the consumers.


  3. Describe in vivid detail
    The more info you can provide, such as year, style, material, type of material (i.e Steel vs. wood) the better.


  4. Disclose even the smallest flaws
    If there’s any kind of flaw (this can be as seemingly insignificant as a dent or a mark on the interior), disclose and photograph that detail. Note that you’ve reflected this flaw in your pricing.


  5. Pack your item robustly and with some love
    Ship your package to the buyer as if it must survive a great USPS catastrophe or just ship it to us and have Renesent take care of this for you.


  6. Update discounted and exceptional prices on your products
    “To keep sales coming in, always strive to keep customers satisfied with their orders, and offering them a discounted and competitive price that they can't find anywhere on the internet, this will make them show more interested in your deal


  7. Use those search engine keywords
    You have to use the right keywords in your listings if you want people to be able to find it in their searches, you need to make sure that your listing shows up in the results, otherwise, no one will ever find it. Be sure to [in this example,] include terms like ‘Wooden’ and ‘Glass’, but also broad phrases like ‘unused’ and ‘durable’. That way, you'll capture not only the people who are seeking wooden box supplies specifically but also those who are looking for moving supplies that fall under a certain aesthetic.