Be a top logistics support in your community

Develop a logistics support system in your neighborhood that provides on-demand delivery, moving, and storage services using innovative technology and an independent workforce to benefit local merchants and customers.

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Simplifying your logistics process

#1 Online delivery solution

Renesent Logistics Solution

Shopping on websites like Facebook, Craigslist, OfferUp, and others has never been simpler. Your items will be picked up and delivered to your house from any market.

Industrial strength software with Renesent’s own secured operating system to manage inventory, orders and deliveries under a single portal.

What you get from partnering with us

Renesent is devoted to doing the highest quality of work for our clients while maintaining a fun, thriving environment for our team.



✔ CRM and client management portal.
✔ International phone system and email.
✔ Assistance with back-office & administration
✔ Access to dedicated team training sessions
✔ 24/7 technical and ticket escalation support.

Top performers

✔ Your branded website.
✔ Marketing, and promotions
✔ Office space, travel amenities, cash prizes
✔ Receive monetary assistance in low months.
✔ Residence assistance depending on location

How it works


1. Pass a quick evaluation


2. Execute electronic agreements


3. Start earning weekly


Pass a quick evaluation


Execute electronic agreements


Start earning weekly

What our customers and store owners get

On-demand pickup & delivery

Storage space on rent

Reliable drivers

iOS and Android app


Moving assistance

Packing assistance

Appliance hookup

✔ Production monitoring & inspection services

✔ Subscription price reduction and rewards

✔ Secured payments and communication

✔ Reliable drivers to deliver same day

✔ Leftover supplies and overstock discounts

✔ iOS and Android technology management

✔ Quality products from top suppliers