5 Small Business Ideas To Make Money On The Side 2022

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In this time we live in, we see so many people wanting to ditch their 9-5 schedules and give themselves more freedom with time and money. At first, business is difficult to start up and a lot of your time and energy goes into it - but over time this can either become your main side hustle or possibly your career if it goes extremely well. Here are just a few new business ideas to get your gears running:

  1. One very cost efficient and less complex business idea is starting your own blog. Yes, you can actually make money off writing interesting content! You’re able to set up your own page, have a newsletter, and even gain sponsorships for your website to increase revenue.. It’s fairly cheap to maintain your own blog - only about $70/year. This is relatively inexpensive to most small businesses and if you’re successful, most of what you make is going straight into your pocket. You don’t have to have a set schedule, deadlines, or most of the other aspects of a small business that you might be worried about. It’s one of the most stress-free and low demand new business ideas you could implement in your schedule today!
  2. Another great new business idea for a side hustle is getting into web development. This service is in high demand as new individuals start new small businesses every single day that need a new website and other web edits. This one takes a little bit more skill building, but can pay off big in the long run to give yourself that financial and physical freedom you are seeking, At first, learning skills such as coding on either free or cheaper priced websites will allow you to learn the necessary skills to be a web developer in just a few months. You’re able to still keep a solid 9-5, but this is a great starting point for extra income. 
  3. With web development comes another business idea - and that’s web design. Web design is perfect for individuals who are creative and tech savvy. It’s all about thoroughly knowing your audience and seeing how you can create a beautiful, well thought out digital experience for prospects or consumers online for either an app or website. You’re able to take free or cheap classes online for web design to see if this is what really suits you, and if it does then you’re on your way to some extra cash in your pocket. 
  4. One form of online communication that’s becoming increasingly popular, even and especially among young people, is podcasting. Podcasting based on popular or controversial issues and opinions is a great way to make extra income. Having a strong opinion on certain issues and being well informed will get you a loyal following of people who share the same views as you. This new business idea could definitely be one for you, as our society is very focused on seeing who is on which side of every single topic - and this will help you become connected to that network as well as gain new insight from others on your opinions. One thing to keep in mind is those whose opinions are shared to so many others are often criticized for not being like their own - this should not slow you down! We all have different opinions, and more times than not you have thousands, if not millions, of people around the globe who would agree with what you think and have to say. 
  5. Another new business idea that’s been practiced now more than ever is reselling products on Amazon or other B2C/B2B sites. This gives you the opportunity to scope out cheap finds on the internet and utilize them on these platforms in order to make some extra cash off them. You’re able to do this all without inventory and everything is automatically done online - how convenient! Simple products such as notebooks, water bottles, simple clothing and many more items are perfect for reseller beginners. These products are easy to ship and can get you a good reputation if you buy good quality products that impress all of your customers. 

Many money making strategies are heading towards technology. Technology and the internet connect people all over the world and allow people to make multiple sources of income right from their couch. This is the first time ever in our history that we are able to remotely work and be able to still make a living wage while utilizing side hustles and new business ideas to our advantage. To make more money and to have the most freedom is often the ultimate goal for a business owner. Take some weight off your shoulders and use what you’re good at to make some extra money on the side. Why not now?