Simple & effective customer satisfaction surveys

Effortlessly connect with your customers at any point in their journey by engaging at the right time, in the right channel.

Seamlessly measure the experiences you deliver

Make better business decisions with real-time feedback on products, services, and overall experience, wiring your
entire organization around customer insights.

Run surveys for everything

Create surveys for customer experience, employee experience, product experience, and brand experience

Gauge customer satisfaction from several angles

Engage each customer at the right time with surveys. Collect feedback across the customer journey via email, websites, SMS, and more.

Sophisticated functionality, simplified

Create, test and modify multiple surveys in just a few clicks, no coding required.


Make it simple

Design surveys as short as the modern customer’s attention span. Create mobile-optimized ‘pick-one’ surveys that make capturing feedback quick and easy for everyone.

Surveys: your best revenue driver

Use Renesent to make it simple for customers to give their feedback so you can turn every survey into a review.

Intuitive reporting

Slice and dice responses however you like: by question, over time, or by location to identify sentiment trends with advanced survey reporting and custom dashboards.

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