Simple & effective customer satisfaction surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys connect you with your customers to gather their feedback. With the Renesent module, you can use these surveys across all your communication channels. The feedback you receive will allow you to identify focus areas that need improvement, as well as areas where you are doing well. The Renesent module also allows you to customize the surveys to your operation and implement them based on your marketing schedule.

Seamlessly measure the experiences you deliver

 Make correct and timely business decisions with the help of real-time feedback on products, services, and the overall customer experience.  Significantly, the Renesent module engages and builds your operations around customer insights.

Design and run surveys across multiple applications

Create surveys for customer experience, employee experience, product experience, and brand experience.

Gauge customer satisfaction from several angles

Connect with each of the customer at the right time with unique surveys. Collect valuable feedback from the customer’s journey via email, websites, SMS, and more.

Sophisticated functionality, simplified

Create, test and modify multiple surveys in just a few clicks, no coding required.


Make it simple

Design unique surveys that are as short as the modern customer’s attention span. Create a survey that is mobile-optimized ‘pick-one’ surveys that are quick and easy for everyone.

Surveys: your best revenue driver

Use Renesent surveys to make simple surveys for customers so that they can give their feedback and you can turn every survey into a review.

Intuitive reporting

Slice and dice responses for optimum analysis. For instance, analyze results based on questions, time, or by location to identify sentiment trends, and variances. 

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