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Access to reviews, across every consumer site, from every source, all in one place.

Review Monitoring

What are your clients saying about you?

The new age of online reviews, customers are connected in a whole new way. They promote, they complain, but what they say is driven by their overall experience. For any successful business review monitoring is an important part of keeping customers coming back.

Online Reputation Management
ONline Reputation Dashboard

Online Review Monitoring Dashboard

Our review monitoring technology displays all your customer feedback from your consumer sites , and sends you text or email alerts every time a review is updated for your company. 

Choose to be notified when a new review is posted, daily, weekly, monthly or all of the above. Closely monitor what’s most important to you and filter out what’s not.

Build customized review feeds


Easily organize your reviews with custom online review dashboard by specific regions, locations, products, ratings, and sources so you can quickly access the exact customer feedback you need. 

customized review feeds

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