Vitamin C Lozenges with Echinacea and Slippery Elm 60 Capsules- 15 Pieces


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    Product Details:-
    • Sugar free immune health-supporting throat lozenges
    • Featuring the combined power of slippery elm, vitamin C and echinacea
    • One a day or as needed for extra support

    Irritated, dry throat? Hoarse from talking nonstop at work? Slippery elm (Ulmus fulva) bark helps soothe the delicate membranes of your mouth and throat by helping to form mucilage that coats and calms. For extra support for those membranes, try our sugar- free (and great-tasting!) Slippery Elm Lozenges. Our blend includes vitamin C and echinacea for a tour de force of immune health support.


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