Ultrasonic Pest Repeller


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    • Less Power Consumption
    • No need to clean up dead pests
    • No bad smell and Corpses
    • No battery required
    • Wide Coverage
    • Quiet and Effective
    • Rated Power:5W
    • Power Voltage: AC 90~220V
    • Inaudible Ultrasonic Frequency: 25-65KHz
    • Effective Coverage Area: 800- 1200 Sq. Ft./unit
    • Package Included: 6 packs



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    Questions and Answers

    Q:Does it work grasshoppers?

    A:I know that it works on crickets. Could be worth a shot.


    Q:Would this work on scorpions?

    A:I believe it does.


    Q:Do I need one per each room?

    A:Ultrasonic cannot penetrate walls, it's better to have one in each room, keep ample space around it, pests will run away after 3-4 weeks.


    Q:Does this product work on cockroaches?

    A:It has worked so far for the cockroaches.


    Q:Does this work on box elder bugs?

    A:Since I plugged them in, I haven't seen any mice or pests.


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