Tube and Pipe Cutter for Cutting Everytype of Pipe


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    • Durable pipe cutter for cutting PVC
    • plastic & rubber tubing
    • One-hand Fast Poly pipe cutter tool with ratchet drive for cutting less than 1-5/8in (38mm)
    • The pipe cutter is made of rubber-textured handle
    • which is more comfortable to use
    • Durable pipe cutters are made of high-quality manganese steel
    • Jacobable based service team makes you worry free after purchasing.



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    Questions and Answers

    Q: The cutting diameter details states, "up to 15/8-Inch outside Diameter". Is that supposed to be 1 5/8?
    A: Yes.,it is 1 5/8

    Q: It is easy to cutter?
    A: Cuts easy and clean. It might take a second to learn how to manipulate the cutter but works like a dream once. I used the cutter to make a ton of cuts so far and it still works flawlessly.

    Q: How does the blade release?
    A: Open the storage buckle from the bottom of the cutter and open the two handled as wide as possible. Gently open the handles on both sides and the blade opens automatically.

    Q: Which types of pipes are pipe cutters suitable for?
    Answer:PVC,PP,CPVC,PEX,PE,rubber horse,multilayer tubing

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