Trigger Spray Nippon Paint Sparkle Car Care Glass Cleaner


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    When you drive on Indian roads, your car has to pass through smoke and dust. Car glass is what protects you from dust and smoke. "SPARKLE Car Care Glass Cleaner" is ideal for keeping your automobile glass perfectly clear and streak free. "SPARKLE Car Care Glass Cleaner" is a transparent liquid cleaner for automobiles delivering streak free finish. It removes tough stains and finger impressions easily with minimum effort. It uses non-ionic surfactants as it is a primary cleaning agent that helps in removing stubborn smoker's firm, greasy road films and bugs to leave a perfectly clear and steak-free surface.A good product designed to deliver a streak-free finish and removes tough stains and finger impressions.
    Excellent Shine : After cleaning the glass thoroughly, spray the glass cleaner and then wipe it off with a microfiber cloth until dry for an excellent shine.
    Provide Streak-Free Finish : Spray on both sides and then wipe it off with the microfiber cloth for a streak-free finish.
    No Water Marks : The microfiber cloth when used for wiping-off the glass cleaner completely leaves no water stains behind.
    Stain and Smudge Remover : The glass cleaner helps in removing all kinds of stains which are caused by dust, dirt or even smoke. After you wipe it off completely, the glass looks like almost new.

    Usage : -
    • Clean and let dry
    • Ensure glass is cool/in shade
    • Spray the glass cleaner
    • Wipe using clean microfiber cloth
    • Repeat in case of heavy dirt
    • Use on both sides for sparkling finish
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