Tooth Extractions In Centennial
Tooth Extractions In Centennial

Tooth Extractions In Centennial


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Tooth Extractions In Centennial

When a tooth is removed it is called a tooth extraction (also known as pulling a tooth). Tooth extractions often become necessary when there is tooth decay, gum disease or trauma to the mouth.
When possible, it is usually preferred to restore a tooth with a filling, crown or root canal first. However, tooth extractions are sometimes the best option. Extractions are nothing to be embarrassed about; According to NIH, Adults in the United States age 20-64 have an average of 3.28 decayed or missing permanent teeth (1). Additionally, there are options such as bridges and implants, which can be performed after an extraction, and help from both a health and aesthetic standpoint.
Tooth Extraction Cost
It’s a question we hear every day: “How much does it cost to pull a tooth?” And while it can be frustrating, there’s a reason most dental offices will not be able to give you a quote over the phone.
Determining the cost of a tooth extraction depends on a variety of factors, which can only be determined by a having a dental exam. Some factors include the type of tooth (e.g. molar, incisor, wisdom tooth), and if the tooth is broken, fractured or impacted. The location of the tooth, gum health and previous procedures performed on that tooth can also affect the cost.
After a dental exam, we will present patients with a treatment plan, sometimes with multiple treatment options. We make sure you are aware of the cost of each of the treatment options before we ever perform a treatment.
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For product pricing, customization, or other inquiries:

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