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    • Water-Saving Flapper
    • Helps to solve common running toilet problems
    • Easy-to-install
    • Fits 2” flush valve toilets
    • Universal PerforMAX design fits most toilet models
    • Replace corroded and leaky flappers
    • Save on water usage with this dial adjustable flapper



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    Questions and Answers

    Q:How do I determine whether my toilet flush valve is 2" or 3"?

    A:Most standard toilets are 2" but here is some quick and easy steps to make sure:

    1. Turn off the water valve too the toilet.
    2. Hold the handle down and drain out the water from the tank.
    3. Measure the diameter of the opening to see if it has a 2 or 3 inch opening
    Q:How do you measure flapper to check what size you need?
    A:Of key interest is the diameter of the whole that the flapper covers. Or, look at the toilet model number printed inside your toilet water tank, and then google for the type of flapper appropriate for that model.
    Q:Is this item easy to use?
    A:Very easy to install. I put them in both my toilets.
    Q:What materials are the flapper and its arms made of specifically?
    A:The flapper is rubber and the arms are a plastic material.
    Q:What seal do you like to use with it ?
    A:That is the seal, no other was required.

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