Telescoping Basin Wrench- 10 to 17 Inch


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    • Fits 3/8 to 1-3/8 in. diameter nuts on faucets
    • supply lines
    • valves and drains
    • Long-reach telescoping shaft extends from 10 to 17 inches
    • adapting to any situation
    • 180-degree pivoting head holds its position at any angle to access hard-to-reach nuts
    • Spring-loaded jaw automatically adjusts to size and creates a continuous ratcheting action that stays engaged with the nut after each turn
    • Removable 6-inch
    • high-leverage handle allows compact storage in drawer or toolbox



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    Questions and Answers

    Q: How do you make it rotate 180 degrees?

    A: The handle slides from side to side enabling you to rotate the wrench 180 degrees.


    Q: Is the shaft on this wrench strong enough to use pliers to help turn it? I have a nut that is impossible to turn.

    A: Yes...This is a well built tool that can take a lot of torque. It can handle this force of a wrench. I know since I used a crescent wrench with the basin wrench to loosen up a fitting


    Q: Where is it made?

    A: We make this basin wrench in Taiwan.


    Q: I have the 3/8”. When I turn the wrench, it just rotated around the bolt. Should the grip be tighter?

    A: In my case,first, I used my fingers to widen the space to make the teeth of the wrench holding the 2 sides of the nut you want to loosen; then turn the nut counterclockwise to loosen it. The key is to "stretch" out with your 2 finders the width of 2 teeth grips of your wrench to make the 2 sides of the nut 'gripped" onto by that wrench. Hope that would be successful for you.


    Q: Can anyone tell me how large the head is on the tool? I have a tight space I need to fit it into. About 3"

    A: Depends on how big the nut you want to grab is. This goes up to 2.50 in. fitting dia. safely. Really needs around 4 in.



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