Solid Brass 90 Degree Hose Elbow


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    • Prevent hose crimping and strain
    • Eliminate unnecessary stress and strain on all RV water
    • Solid brass
    • Easy grip connector
    • Compliant with all federal and state level low lead laws



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    Questions and Answers

    Q:Can this product be used on a washing machine?

    A:Yes, I have a pair of these on my new washer and they work great. However, if I had to do it over again I would consider using a 45 degree coupling instead of this one. The horizontal part of this fitting is pretty short, meaning the hose will travel down very very close to the back of the washer, and could rub against it depending on how things are aligned. Since most washers have to accomodate a drain hose, the difference in space between the 90 and 45 degree couplings should be minimal. Also note that the wings used for tightening may interfere with each other since most washers have the hot and cold inlets placed very close together. You have to fiddle to get them to interlock properly and tighten, but then it's no problem. (You cannot then remove one hose without removing both).


    Q:Does the head swivel?

    A:Yes-it can be swiveled into position. The connector end is machined to swivel after it is connected to a faucet.


    Q:What size thread is this? Will it fit 3/4inch garden hose thread?

    A:I could go out an measure, but I bought 3 of these. One I attached to my out door hose faucet, so when I change the hose, I don't have to scrape the back of my hand on the bricks. And the other two I used on a metal hose reel, in order to create a smoother turn for the hose line i attached to it.This product is High Quality, Solid Brass. I was also unsure when I purchased this product... so I just bought one... it fit perfectly to my hose and hose faucet.


    Q:We have 3/4 inch hoses do not wish to contstrict water flow. What is the interior diameter?

    A:The neck is approximately 1/2 inch. This shouldn't restrict water flow. You should have a pressure of approximately 60 psi if your on city water.
    Q:can this elbow be used for a washing machine hose application?
    A:Yes, if you have standard hose connections for your washer.
    Q:Is this pretty solid or does it bend due to thin metal?
    A:It's a pretty solid piece. Definitely worth the $$



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