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    When weed and disease infestation destroys a neglected lawn or turf, the best remedy is often to completely start over from scratch with lawn installation via sod. While this approach may seem a bit intimidating, our professionals will manage the entire process from start to finish, achieving a luscious green lawn in no time that will require minimal lawn maintenance.

    First, our professional will evaluate your lawn and help you determine which option will best suit your site, budget, and goals. Based on technical information gathered from your sites such as sun rotation, current soil health, drainage directional flow, and irrigation requirements, we recommend a plan of action submitted for your approval. Once approved, our team will remove your existing lawn or weeds, prepare the soil for planting (which might include soil amending with biofertilizers), and rebuild your turf area with new, healthy sod — it’s that easy!

    WHY SOD?

    Sod is an overnight remedy to attain an instant, beautiful lawn. In general, sod is less susceptible to weeds than traditional straw-seeded lawns, which translates into fewer issues overall. Moreover, it provides a finished look without the wait, so your family can begin enjoying your new lawn within only a few weeks of lawn installation.

    Turf Maintenance After Sod Installation  

    There are several key points of consideration for sod installation. Warm-season turf can be installed either in or out of season. In the growing season, proper watering is key and most critical for establishing new turf. The first 21 days of growth are most critical and require timely watering to minimize drought stress and shock. The amount of water required for proper growth is determined by both heat and evaporation. It is important to remember that higher temperatures amount to greater water usage and evaporation, which can quickly lead to drought stress and decline. Discoloration and wilt are visual signs that drought stress is present, the decline is in progress, and immediate attention is needed. Upon installation, saturate turf and 3-4 inches of soil or seedbed with water. Thereafter, water the turf well to maintain consistent moisture in the topsoil levels. Monitor new turf closely until fully established.

    During the initial growth period, weed germination is highly probable. Freshly prepared soil and extensive watering will enhance weed germination. It is important to remember that the initial focus is establishing new turf based on its growing conditions and not weed control. Once new turf is established, then the focus switches to weed control through pre-and post-applications, fertilization, and general maintenance.

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