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    Aging takes its toll on the skin of even the healthiest people. As you get older, your body stops producing as much skin-tightening collagen and elastin as it did when you were younger, and the volume and plumpness that give you a youthful appearance gradually diminishes. These natural, unavoidable processes can result in loose, sagging, or wrinkled skin that can make you look old. If you are in the Walnut Creek, CA area or nearby communities, you can benefit from a variety of non-surgical skin tightening treatments available from Dr. Lee

    Skin tightening treatment options

    Women and men who want firmer, younger-looking skin has never had so many non-surgical skin tightening treatments to choose from. Several types of cosmetic skin tightening options are available, including:

    • Radiofrequency treatments: Radiofrequency therapy, or RF, uses energy to generate heat in the deep layers of skin, which triggers the production of collagen for tighter, firmer skin. Thermage® and Exilis are two of the popular RF treatments that Dr. Lee offers.
    • Ultrasound: This revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment uses ultrasound waves to stimulate the underlying layers of skin and increase collagen production. Ultherapy® is the most commonly used ultrasound facial treatment and can be used to firm skin in the eyebrow area, chin, neck, and chest.
    • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL): If you have heard someone talk about a “photofacial,” they were likely talking about IPL therapy. This photorejuvenation technique uses light rays that are specifically targeted at the skin to naturally boost collagen production and regeneration of new skin cells. It is often used in combination with radiofrequency for even more dramatic skin tightening results.

    Other skins tightening therapies are also available at The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute. Dr. Lee is highly skilled at working with patients to determine the best skin rejuvenation treatment plan for their specific needs and desired results. After examining your skin and discussing your cosmetic goals, she can recommend one or more treatments to tighten and firm sagging skin and restore its youthful glow.

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