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    • 2-in-1 Sink Strainer & Stopper
    • Twist the tab to engage the stopper for hand washing dishes
    • Tough stainless steel
    • Durable silicone basket flips
    • BPA and PVC free



    The standard sink strainer & stopper has evolved into the next generation, simple-to-use, Pop-Up Sink Strainer & Stopper. The flexible inner basket presses open to drain and collapses closed to stop water flow.

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    Questions and Answers

    Q:Is it a stopper also?

    A:There are two different models you must choose from. One is only a strainer, while the other is both a strainer and a stopper. Just pick the one that reads 'strainer stopper' and you'll be fine!


    Q:Will this work as a garbage disposal strainer?

    A:Yes, it works quite well for me. I have a double sink, so I bought two. I keep one on the garbage disposal side at all times to prevent silverware (etc) from falling in. This works very well in my kitchen.


    Q:I have one of those silcone sink stoppers. Will this stick out, preventing it from suctioning to sink properly?

    A:This device collects food particles and prevents them from getting into your drain. It does not act as a sink stopper. If you want to use your "silicone sink stopper" simply lift out the Oxo sink strainer when you want to fill the sink with water.


    Q:What is the size of holes in strainer?

    A:Fairly small; rice and small pasta have a good chance of being caught in it (such as rinsed off plates or escaped from colander).


    Q:Is it easy to clean out without a dishwater?

    A:very easy indeed! you will love it!


    Q:Is this just a strainer, or a stopper?

    A:It’s a strainer but not JUST a strainer. It’s the most amazing strainer ever!!




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