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    Sharbati variety of wheat used in wheat flour is organically cultivated right from sowing seed to harvesting of crops. Seeds used are of ‘Desi Indian’ variety and are sprayed with jeevamrut, dashaparni ark and various traditional organic sprays to avoid pests. Harvested wheat is then separated from its husk using traditional ancient winnowing methods of separation. 

    After they are sun dried. Due to this traditional process, all the nutrient containts are intact. Presence of glucose & sucrose sugars in small amounts in sharbati variety of Wheat makes it slightly sweet than other varieties.

    The grains of Sharbati atta are bigger in size and have a golden sheen to it. Interestingly this wheat variant is superior to variants produced in Punjab too; a region best known for it's best agricultural produce, including wheat.                 

    Being rain water irrigated, the soil for Sharbati wheat is high in potash content and low in humidity. This amazingly ends up increasing the protein content of the wheat by almost 2% more as compared to the wheat atta.                                                                                                                                    Being a crop that is typically from drought stricken areas, Sharbati wheat grains have lesser water content in them. This makes the atta is a little dry. Hence making a dough from the Sharbati atta requires more water. This in turn makes the chapatis and rotis made from sharbati wheat flour softer and fluffier.

    Benefits of having organic Sharbati wheat - 

    1. Daily consumption of it helps in building stronger immunity system. Loaded with dietary fibres, nutrients and carbs, this wheat aids in building a stronger and healthy heart.
    2. This variety of wheat is rich in vitamins and magnesium which helps in maintaining body weight and good digestion system. It alos helps in reducing the risks of asthma and breast cancer.
    3. Wheat flour can be stored in an air tight container by placing 2-3 bay leaves (Tej patta) or 1-2 whole dry red chillies. Preferably avoid plastic containers. It is recommended to store flour in the traditional way to protect and hold all the nutrients in the flour.


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