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RIANTO - Indicator Light - 6 Quantity



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    LOKOZO Stack Light mission is simply to get the immediate attention of an operator, technician, supervisor or other plant personnel who need to respond to a specific machine condition or event. In this way, a stack light is the first line of defense against things like down-time and intercepting mid-process manufacturing issues.

    The colors of a indicator light are typically associated with a process or machine state. RED - Any Critical Event or Machine State Condition that can cause a shut down Yellow - Any Warning Condition that may not necessarily shut a machine down GREEN - Most often used to indicate machine is operating normally BLUE - Often used to Request Service from Maintenance, a Supervisor or other Plant Floor Personnel. “Down” for non machine failure reasons CLEAR (WHITE) - User Specified Functions, often specific to the machine
    Product Specification
    • Model Number: RIANTO-Z
    • Lighting Color: Cool White
    • Color Temperature: 3000 K to 6500 K
    • Certification: IP65
    • Shape: Round


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