Residential Management

Residential Management


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    How we are different.
    • We price our service to match and motive our performance.
    • ​Since we do not charge anything up front we don't get paid until you get paid.
    • If we have an existing tenant but they haven't paid rent yet then we don't paid until rent is collected.
    • We don't get paid extra to deal with tenant caused issues.
    • And we are on a percentage commission.
    • Thus we have to balance these three things.
    • How soon (to get paid).
    • How much (how much we get paid).
    • Fewest problems (because we get paid the same amount regardless of the issues).
    • So - we have every incentive to rent out your home as soon as possible, for as much as possible, to the best available applicant.
    • As such we take professional pictures (not cell phone pictures).
    • We advertise each property individually.
    • And we pre-screen applicants, then do a background check to avoid poor tenants.

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