Pusa Basmati Rice -25 Kg

Pusa Basmati Rice -25 Kg


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    Basmati rice, which has been a part of the menu of the royals, has been grown in the Himalayan region since ages. Getting its name from Sanskrit meaning fragrant, this is a long grain rice with a fluffy texture and it expands well on cooking. Grown without the use of any chemicals and pesticides or fertilisers in the foothills of Himalayas, Adrish Basmati Rice has slight creamish to brown colour.


    1. Its low on fats.

    2. Gluten-free.

    3. It has low to medium Glycemix Index.

    4. The taste of the rice is no other. Fluffy and fragrant, with long grains it is a treat indeed.

    Storage Instructions:

    Store the rice in an air-tight glass container. You can add some rocksalt and whole chillies (a piece or two) to it.


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