property management Services in Los Angeles

property management Services in Los Angeles


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    Maintain your accounting records.

    Professional property management practices require that accounting records be kept up to date, tightly controlled, and virtually mistake-free. Our Property Management maintains a high level of accounting and financial integrity in everything we do. In order to meet our own stringent accounting rules, we keep separate books for each individual property. Although this practice is not required by law nor it is the “easiest” way to manage a property’s financials, we find that it is the most effective in the long run. It forces complete transparency and enables the property owner to make better, more informed decisions about each property's investment needs.

    Another benefit of keeping separate books for each property is that it creates a very clear picture of each property. By seeing the big picture of each property, our clients are able to more accurately budget and forecast property incomes, expenses, and taxes. Part of our property management service is to advise property owners on suggested property enhancements and the estimated costs associated with them. Knowing what each property’s ROI is over a certain period of time provides a very clear­-cut vision of which direction to take in the future.

    Track real time cash.

    Our online property management infrastructure tracks real-time cash as electronic payments are received from tenants. Property owners can view – on-demand – electronic fund transfers from tenants, tenant statements, and rent rolls.

    A highlight feature of our online management system is its ability to automatically track property expenses as bills are received. This tool is very useful for property owners who don’t carry a large cash balance.

    Our clients can run key financial reports at any time and as often as they like. These reports include Balance Sheets, Income Statements, and Rent Rolls.

    It’s important to note that all of First Light’s financial transactions, records, and client bank account are behind a secure web interface, using the Industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL), ensuring data is safe, secure and available only to authorized users.

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