Property Management Service In Maryland

Property Management Service In Maryland


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    Property Management Service 

    A good property manager in the US would normally take 10% of the gross rent each month for their services. The services that they provide should be as follows. 

    1. Rent Collection – The most important job. Collection of rent is vital and needs to be done in a professional manner. Our management companies ensure that they have a good relationship with both the tenant and the landlord and will collect the rent on a given date every month and will then deposit or wire the funds to whichever account our investors choose. 

    2. Maintenance – As a landlord you would be responsible for maintenance issues on the property should they arise. The property management company should handle all of the tenant's needs and requests 24/7 on your behalf. This should also include getting you the very best quote for any works that are needed. 

    3. Book keeping  – Your property manager should provide a book keeping service ensuring that this is as hands-off as possible for you and ensuring that you are following and recording any incidents with the property and also documenting any tenant requests and issues. 

    4. Tenant placement – Another major factor in property management. Our property managers will ensure that all tenants are correctly screened and all checks are done before making a placement, including credit, criminal and previous landlord checks. 

    5. Defaulting Tenants – When you hire a property manager they should not only be responsible for collecting the rent but also dealing with the legal procedures in the instance a tenant defaults. Sometimes this may mean negotiating directly with the tenants in person in the case that they are maybe only a month behind, or other times may mean filing legal processes in order to remove them from the property. 

    We are a multi-generation Veteran owned and operated family business, specializing in all forms of investment property management. We have served Southern Maryland Real Estate and rental needs for the past 42 years. We are a full-service Real Estate company capable of assisting our clients in the purchase of additional investment properties and the sale of their investments.

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