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Property Management Service


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    Property Management is an important aspect in real estate

    Property Management is an important aspect in real estate. A Property Manager does several tasks and services that include;

    • marketing a property
    • Selecting and screening tenants
    • drawing up lease agreements
    • assessing a property to determine the appropriate rent
    • maintaining all the records for the Property
    • Collecting rent
    • Handling repairs and maintenance
    • handling complaints from tenants

    Why Hire a Property Manager?


    The tasks and services above are important in property management. However, the most valuable tasks and services offered by a property manager are;

    • Protecting your property and privacy-In this day and age, privacy is very important. A tenant can show up at your home unexpectedly because they need you to help them solve an issue. A property manager saves you from such situations.
    • saving you time- Managing a property is time-consuming. Collecting rent, supervising repairs or screening tenants consumes much of your valuable time which you could use to attend to other businesses or spend with your family or friends.
    • acting as a link between you and the tenant

    By hiring a Property Manager, you hand over your duties and regain the most important asset you can have, time.

    You should consider hiring a property manager if;

    • your property is situated far
    • Your time is limited
    • Property management tasks overwhelm you
    • You consider your property an important investment that requires professional management
    • You have several properties

    How to Hire a Property Manager? 

    When hiring a property manager, you should do the following things to avoid hiring a bad property manager;

    • Assess their personality and skills
    • Evaluate the accounting services and fees
    • Evaluate their marketing abilities
    • Determine how tenants are screened
    • Determine how maintenance and repairs are handled
    • Ask for references and a sample of properties they manage
    • Draw a comprehensive agreement that has a termination clause
    • Be clear on the procedures and timeframes for accounting for money
    • Determine how long the manager takes to inspect the property
    • Evaluate the tenant management system used by the manager
    • Hire a licensed and accredited property manager

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