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    • We keep the Owner’s best interest in mind when responding to maintenance requests.
    • We can schedule and check repairs upon completion of work.
    • We have 24/7 phone service for emergency repairs with our preferred contractor.
    • We provide a tenant portal, e-mail and fax service for tenants to forward request for maintenance.
    • Our Preferred contractors are licensed, insured and bonded maintenance service companies.
    • All major repairs require Owner’s approval unless it is deemed an emergency as outlined in Washington State Landlord Tenant Act.
    • Property Inspection Report (PIR). Inspections are conducted several times a year, unless there are concerns with how well the tenants are taking care of the property.   Once at  possession time, an interior inspection around the 6 month period, and at renewal/or vacating the property. Continues every 6 months until tenancy is terminated. During these inspections we look for any problem areas that should be addressed to prevent more serious and costly repairs in the future.
    • Our contractors are instructed to report any potential problems when they visit the property for repairs.
    • Notify Owner of any changes in local and state laws affecting investment properties.


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