Product Liability Lawyer

Product Liability Lawyer


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    Common Classes of Product Liability Cases

    While any consumer product can be defective, some of the most common classes of product liability cases include:

    • Defective Pharmaceutical Cases
    • Defective Vehicle Cases
    • Defective Medical Devices
    • Defective Consumer Goods
    • Defective Tools or Equipment

    Unfortunately, corporate greed sometimes results in the rush to get products to market before they are fully tested and ready.  As a result, there are always new types of product liability cases arising.

    What Types of Product Defects are There?

    There are causes of action for three basic types of product defects: manufacturing defects, design defects, and marketing defects (a/k/a failure to warn). Each type of claim has unique aspects or ‘elements’ which must be proven by the injured party in order to prevail on a product liability claim.

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