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    Allow your Child to Develop in our Preschool Classroom

    We believed that these children aged three to six were passing from the unconscious to the conscious Absorbent Mind and ready for the more refined type of sensorial experiences. When they first enter as three-year-old, they are busy with practical life materials; through them, they further develop concentration.

    They continue to learn the manners of their culture through grace and courtesy lessons. The hand and the brain act in unison making a mental connection between an abstract idea and its concrete representation. The teacher presents each material to the child the first time. It is through the subsequent use of the material by the children that substantial learning takes place. The final stage in the use of the material is the attachment of language to the abstract idea.

    The sensorial materials establish a solid basis for the language and mathematical materials to follow. In this prepared environment, the children reach unusual development by the time they are five both in literacy and mathematics. However, this does not represent what is most important about the primary years which are the children’s self-formation. It is the children’s development of personality and social behavior which is the essential aspect of Montessori education.

    The children’s good manners, their gentleness with each other, their confidence and ease with those both younger and older than themselves, including adults, their care with the environment, their eagerness and energy to learn, make clear the benefits of an education at this age.


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