Premium Metal Free Wheel and Rim Brush


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    • Completely metal free construction ensures safe scratch-free wheel cleaning
    • Heavy-duty microfiber sponge compresses for greater flexibility and maneuverability
    • Increased length and oversized cone-shaped head easily cleans hard to reach areas
    • Clear coat and paint safe
    • Sure-grip TPR handle
    • The hottest and fastest growing trend in automotive detailing today is the use of microfiber towels
    • Millions of tiny fibers embedded in a microfiber cloth grab and hold dust and dirt like no product that has come before it
    • Microfiber is so effective it even cleans without chemicals saving both time and money



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    Questions and Answers

    Q:Is the tip covered with the foam material, as well as the sides?

    A:It’s covered with microfiber. The red in the image – on all sides and the tip is a removeable microfiber bonnet covering a foam interior.


    Q:How well does this work on the wheel barrel?

    A:I'm not sure what you mean by wheel barrel? But it does a great job on my wheels without causing scratches or scuff marks..
    Q:What is the circumference of the tip of brush? My 26 yr old cadillac has 30 tiny holes per wheel. Men never tell the size!
    A:The tip is approximately 6".
    Q:Are the covers for this wand sold separately?
    A:It is just a microfiber covered sponge on a stick. Best if thick grease is cleaned off wheels first. Then use wand.

    Q:How long is just the microfiber part?
    A:The microfiber part of the Wheel and Rim Wand is approximately 8.75"-9".

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