Premise Liability Lawyer

Premise Liability Lawyer


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    Why Should I Hire a Premise Liability Lawyer?

    The most important reason to hire a premises liability lawyer is that he knows how to take steps to secure critical evidence such as surveillance videos and eye-witness statements. Premise liability proof can disappear quickly leaving you with no case.

    Some of the things premises liability lawyers do in these matters are:

    • Send spoliation letters to prevent the destruction of valuable video evidence in the landlord’s possession.
    • Subpoena/obtain incident reports, investigative material, government reports, and other necessary documents.
    • Photograph the scene to preserve the evidence before remedial measures (repairs) can be performed to hide the evidence.
    • Interview eye-witnesses.
    • Depose the landowner and/or his representatives and employees.
    • Take negligent landowners to trial.

    If you have been injured as the result of a property owner’s negligence, contact us today for committed representation in your premises liability case. We do not charge any payment of attorney’s fees unless we win a settlement or verdict for you.

    We are located next to the Memorial City Mall in Houston, Texas. We handle serious injury cases across the State of Texas and are more than happy to work with you via, email, Skype, phone to make handling the case a convenience for you.  We also have investigators and lawyers who travel to investigate and explore cases where they happen. Contact us today for committed support in your premises liability case.

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