Power Cleaning Drain Hose- 35ft


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    • Compatible most brand pressure washerm
    • power washer
    • you can connect adapter to your outlet of pump
    • and control with power switch
    • More Power Cleaning Ability : Sewer Nozzle Outside Diameter Max.: 0.76
    • orifice: 1 Front(orifice is 1mm) 6 Back(orifice is 0.7mm)
    • Anti-kink
    • Anti-wear pressure hose
    • pressure accessories
    • clean dirty
    • Oile
    • Grease or others for Sewer hose
    • drain hose
    • other pipe
    • Working Pressure: from 1000PSI to 3000PSI



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    Questions and Answers

    Q: Will this work with just the hot water tap? Only about 40 psi. Or does it only work high psi?
    A: Probably not works great at 4000 psi but 1700 psi has not had much luck

    Q: Will this work on Husky 1750?
    A: Yes, you can connect this pressure washer drain hose adapter to your pump outlets directly. Then you can control with your power switch of pressure machine

    Q: Will this work with the sun joe spx3000, 2030 max psi ,1.76 gpm ?
    A: All you have to do is find the correct fitting to match your spray wand. The fitting that comes with the hose may or may not be correct. Home Depot or Lowes item.

    Q: I’m trying to unclog my shower drain. Do I need to purchase any additional parts or can i just purchase this product?
    A: It depends on your pressure washer. You made need another fitting to attach it to your wand.

    Q: Can this be used to clean a clogged gutter downspout?
    A: Yes, This sewer drain hose can be used to clean a clogged gutter downspout and if your pressure washer have pressure more than 2300PSI
    then this hose will work better

    Q: Will this work with the ar blue cleaner, ar383?
    A: Yes, this drain hose kit/ drain hose cleaner can suit your AR blue pressure machine you can connect this drain hose adapter to your pump outlet dirrectly of AR blue then you can control on/off by pressure washer power switch hope you can work happy

    Q: What else am I going to need to make it work what other equipment do I need after buying this equipment for it to work.
    A: A high pressure coupling. This will allow you to connect to your wand. Without it you will have to start and stop your pressure washer. Any hardware store that sells pressure washers will have it. HD, Lowe’s

    Q: Would this work to clean roots out of a 4 inch sewer line ?
    A: I don't think it would. It doesn't cut anything. It just sends out high pressure water.

    Q: Will this work with the sun joe spx3000, 2030 max psi ,1.76 gpm ?
    A: I us a 4000 psi pressure washer and it works great

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