Piano Movers In Orlando

Piano Movers In Orlando


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    Piano Moving Professionals With Experience

    It takes specialized skills, equipment and training to know how to move a piano safely from one place to the next, and we have perfected the practice. We’ve been trusted with every type, age and size of piano all across the globe, and we always work tirelessly to ensure complete customer satisfaction with every relocation we manage for our clients.

    Upright Pianos

    There are four major groups of uprights to consider and we’re comfortable transporting each one, whether you need to move two blocks down the road, across the country, or overseas.


    The smallest of the lot, these usually measure about 3’ tall and close to 5’ long, and come in at about 200-300 pounds.

    Console: Taller than spinets at around three-and-a-half feet tall, but around the same length overall.

    Studio: Upwards of four feet tall, the additional height alone could easily tack on an additional 100 pounds over spinets.

    Classic Uprights: The big daddies of the upright family, it’s easy to tip the scales at 500 pounds depending on the make and model.

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