Patio Design & Installation Services In California

Patio Design & Installation Services In California


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    Patio Design & Installation Services

    • Stone Pavilions

    One of the best ways to utilize your outdoor space better is to build an outdoor stone pavilion complete with a stone patio, stone walls, a wooden roof, and an outdoor kitchen area. Outdoor rooms such as this extend your home to the outdoors where you can enjoy all the comforts of interior space with the relaxing breezes and fresh air of being outside. You’ll find yourself much more inclined to spend time in the backyard with this patio design idea.g


    • Stone Fireplaces

    What about when the weather turns chilly? That’s when an outdoor stone fireplace comes in handy. It creates a beautiful backdrop against the stone patio during the day and a functional focal point during an evening of entertaining guests outdoors.


    • Rounded Features

    While stone pavers are traditionally cut into perfect squares or rectangles, your stone patio can include rounded features for added personality and visual flair. From a rounded stairway and meandering path to a curved courtyard and fire pit, you have endless options for adding curves to your outdoor space.


    • Concrete Walkways

    Not every paved element of your outdoor escape needs to be made from stone. Another option is an exposed aggregate concrete walkway. Flanking the walkway with stone or brick pavers creates a finished look for you to love. Whether the walkway simply serves as a path around the side of your home or leads from your backdoor to a larger stone patio area, this design idea is sure to improve the aesthetic of your outdoor space.

    Our Patio Design & Installation Services

    A beautiful stone patio is the foundation of your great outdoor escape. It provides the backdrop for landscaping, furniture arrangements, and anything else you choose to include in the outdoor living area. Our team has a lot of information and helpful tips to help you make informed decisions about the team your hire for your patio construction as well as the patio materials you choose to have installed.


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