Organic Idli Rice -50 Kg

Organic Idli Rice -50 Kg


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    Idli is one of the healthiest food from South Indian Cuisine. This is a streamed cake which is made with black lentils and rice. This is made in a specialised mould and is eaten with different chutneys and vegetable stew. Our company Mithran Exports based in Tamil Nadu provides you with good quality idli rice. We are known as the best idli rice exporter from India and are known worldwide for the products and services that we provide.
    Idli is a small healthy south Indian food treat and it is good for your health. This is convenient to make as well. To make your diet a bit healthier, swap your muffin or doughnut with this Indian food.
    • Health Benefits Of Idli:-One of the main ingredients for idli is idli rice. No oil is used to make this food item. All your need to do is steam the batter and it is ready to eat.
    • Fats And Calories:-Idli is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fats, enzymes, amino acid and fibre. The plus point is it doesn’t contain any saturated fats and cholesterol. As a heavy and healthy South Indian food for breakfast, you have four idlis to get around 300-350 calories. It also easily gets digested and it is rich in iron content.


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