Organic Fermented Turmeric Extract - KefiNutra

Organic Fermented Turmeric Extract - KefiNutra


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    • Revitalizing tonic for optimizing your body's natural defenses
    • Symbiotic fermentation unlocks turmeric's health-enhancing potential
    • Promotes healthy digestion, GI function, heart health and total body detoxification

    Experience all health-affirming benefits turmeric has to offer with KefiNutra™ Organic Fermented Turmeric Extract from Swanson Organic. Unlike any other turmeric supplement on the market today, KefiNutra is produced through patented Kefitech bioprocess fermentation, which utilizes a symbiotic combination of yeasts and bacteria specifically developed for the fermentation of aqueous botanical extracts. This certified-organic process enhances the bioavailability of active phytonutrient curcuminoids while increasing levels of beneficial fermentation metabolites like acetic acid.

    KefiNutra is a raw, living whole- food extract, delivering a host of beneficial constituents not found in other botanical extracts. That means you get the additional benefits of viable probiotic bacteria and yeasts along with active enzymes like hydrolase, lipase and amylase. This makes KefiNutra the ideal revitalizing tonic for optimizing your body’s antioxidant defenses, promoting healthy digestion and GI tract function, detoxification and liver support, cardiovascular maintenance and more.

    KefiNutra is raw food that contains active cultures. Strands of culture may naturally appear.

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