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    A fishing net is a net used for fishing. Nets are devices made from fibers woven in a grid-like 
    In a parody of fishing, a type of gladiator called retiarius was armed with a trident and a cast net. 
    He described various means of fishing including the use of nets cast from boats, scoop nets held open by a hoop, and various traps 
     Anti Bird NET for Balcony (Protection NET) (Pigeon)(Monkey)
    Most Effective Bird Control Method Without Harming Them
    Strong Netting Prevents Cats, Monkeys, squirrels, Goats entering in your backyard
    Does not block air or light; No Visiblity Problem
    Bird protection net
    Material: High Quality Nylon
    100% Nylon, HDPE+UV stabilized.
    Easy to install & maintain, Net can be easily installed with help of in built Nylon ropes attached to all corners
    Harmless way to eliminate pigeon & birds problem. It completely blocks birds from entering your house through your balcony & windows
    Does not block air or light, can be used in windows, balconies, shafts, terraces etc.


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