Moving Packaging Heavy Duty Shrink Film


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    • Rolls with lower gauge and more plastic
    • Up to 500% Stretch Ability
    • Superior stretch
    • Easy to unwrap
    • High Quality
    • Our film is clear
    • Never cloudy from using recycled weaker materials
    • 1200ft Stretch Film



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    Questions and Answers

    Q:Is It Microwave Safe?

    A:Not for food


    Q:what gauge is it?

    A:This product is advanced 60 gauge. There is a mix of various plastic resin utilized for high density loads applied. This allows a lower gauge of film to operate as a higher gauge as well as provide more wrap on a total lower weight.


    Q:Can items wrapped with this stretch wrap stay stored in a storage for over 3 months?

    A:I suggest that the storage area be dry and relatively bug-free. If the items are completely enclosed in the wrap they should do well. However, I do not know whether the stretch wrap would leave marks on wood furniture if the wrap is touching bare wood for a prolonged period. Also, stretch wrap does not really protect from heat, so if you would normally insulate something from heat, you should still do so when using the wrap

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