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    • Durable & Heavy Duty
    • Extra Large Size: 29" W X 13" H X 14 D
    • 86 Liters or 23 Gallon Volume
    • Sturdy & Easy To Carry
    • Multi Use
    • One of the strongest moving/storage bags
    • These bags are made from durable woven 180 gsm



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    Questions and Answers

    Q:How compact do these bags get when not in use?

    A:They flatten out the way you receive them.
    Very compact and easy to store.


    Q: Are they waterproof?

    A:Pretty much. They have zippers so water can seep through that. These are heavy vinyl and I would say very 'water resistant.'

    Q:Could these be used for long term storage in the garage?
    A:Yes! We moved 4 years ago and still have packed bags in our garage. Don’t overstuff because you can bust out the zipper.

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