Moringa Wingless Seeds -25 Kg Fresh & Organic Greenish Exports

Moringa Wingless Seeds


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    Moringa is one of the nutrient-dense plant, rich in minerals like calcium, iron, and vitamins.  Essential amino acids that are found in the moringa. Moringa can supports the body in many ways including increased energy, sleep, blood pressure level, blood sugar level, hair, and skin.

    Natural anti inflammatory herbs.

    Natural amino acid supplement.

    Natural ways to boost immune system.

    Wingless moringa seeds are suitable for human consumption.  Dried moringa seed shell is easily breakable by hand.  Moringa kernels are ideal for human consumption.

    The winged seeds of moringa oleifera are dispersed by wind (anemochory) and by water (hydrochory). For consumption and other medical consumption purpose we usually remove  this wing by manual and machinery process.

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