Meditation Class In Hayward
Meditation Class In Hayward

Meditation Class In Hayward


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Meditation Class In Hayward

Learn how to work with our mind, breath and body in a very simple way. I help provide a foundation to bring lasting change to your perspective and to your life
Natural born psychic and life coach, well known , Trusted and established in the bay area 30 years experience. I have helped people all around the globe. Come sit and talk with me, you will be amazed. I love being able to sit and talk with people. It is where I receive many of my life’s greatest joys. To help people that sometimes cannot see what is there, worst yet, knowing what is there, and not knowing what to do, where to turn. I have been able to point out. Exactly where in one’s life has something gone so wrong so dark. Sometimes people are not able to be in touch with their own higher mind, their own intellect and wisdom, because they are too hurt, angry, resentful, abused. What ever be your circumstances , Love, divorce, loss of life’s energy, job, career, relationships, addictive behaviors, depression. I can help you in all of life’s matters. Good bad or indifferent bring your problems to me.
(510) 886.2426
Phone Readings Available During The Covid-19 Outbreak & Payments Accepted Via Zelle
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For product pricing, customization, or other inquiries:

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