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    Let’s admit it, we invest too much money for housing. However, what’s totally disappointing is that we don’t reciprocate it with warmth and care that our homes truly deserve. While it is a given fact that we have to prioritize work and family, we should also consider giving ample attention to the cleanliness of our households. With Maggy Maid, we make sure a reliable, eco-friendly, squeaky clean and efficient maid service.

    Hiring maid services these days will truly ease off some of your burdens at home. Not only that we refer a team of cleaning professionals, you are also ensured and guaranteed of nothing but the best results. Before deploying them to our valued clients, Maggy Maid’s referred house cleaners are meticulously scrutinized during screening to guarantee safety and absolute cleanliness.

    You deserve Maggy Maid. We have partnered to over 20,000 households for over 10 years of operation and we’d like you to be one of them. We have vested our reputation online with a very high 4.7 star rating on Yelp with 700+ positive reviews and 4.8 star rating on our Google My Business listings which we are truly proud of.


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