Low-Carb Banana Bread Mix

Low-Carb Banana Bread Mix


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    There is something about banana bread that says comfort food and home baked love, right? What we don’t like is the amount of amount of sugar and carbs in it. My mix for banana bread is made with almond flour and green plantain so you get a full banana flavor but the result is a significantly lower sugar and net carb bread, making it low-carb and low-glycemic treat. 

    Ingredients: almond flour, organic coconut flour, no sugar aloud natural blend (erythritol, monk fruit extract), organic plantain bits (organic plantains, coconut oil) organic psyllium husk, baking soda, cream of tartar, organic spices, organic pink himalayan salt

    Food values: dairy free, gluten free, keto, lactose free, natural, paleo, sugar free, vegan

    Meet No Sugar Aloud: I founded No Sugar Aloud in 2018. A company that seeks to loudly say to the world that “Life Can be Sweet without Sugar” and that the use of proper technique and high-quality natural ingredients can produce foods that are both delicious and healthy!

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