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    Lock Change Service in St. Louis

    There are times that one needs the lock change service. It can be frustrating to take the time for this, but it is often needed. Knowing how to change a lock on your own can save you money and time in the long run.

    The first step in changing a lock is getting the right tools. You will need: A screwdriver, preferably flat-head or Philips-head (if necessary, flat-head pliers) A hammer A new lock, the correct size for the door Locksmiths often carry these tools themselves. If you are changing a lock to an apartment or room, simply ask your landlord if they have any extra locks to spare.

    Each type of lock is different. Make sure you know which kind of lock you have before you begin. A doorknob lock will look different from a deadbolt lock, for example. If your lock looks nothing like the one below, it may be helpful to take a photo of the mechanism before removing it.

    What you need to know about Lock Change:

    This is not about how to change a lock, but something different.

    Don't be fooled into thinking that just because you have the right tools that you are ready to go. Changing locks requires more than that! You need to know where all of your screws are before you start unscrewing them.

    The bottom part of the lock will have screws that hold it to the door. The top will have a lock bar that slides into place when you turn the key in the lock.

    Remove the bottom part of the lock by unscrewing it with your screwdriver, then lift and remove the top part. Sometimes there are sets of screws for different orientations. Be sure to switch the orientation as you remove each part.

    Once both parts are removed, you can take them to a Rocket Locksmith if they need specific tools to make any adjustments. If you want to replace the entire lock mechanism, now is your chance. Do this carefully and slowly so that you don't damage the door or any of its surrounding areas.

    If you need to replace the lock mechanism, follow the steps above in reverse. If you just need to adjust it slightly (or if your door is old and worn-out), you can do it yourself:

    Start by flipping over the lock bar and putting something like a bent paper clip or one or two screws into the bottom of the keyhole. This will keep the lock bar up so that you can slide it in and out of your door with ease.

    Do whatever you need to do to the lock, then flip over the bar again to set it into place. On doorknob locks, this is fairly simple. Just tighten or loosen the screws until the key turns smoothly in the lock. On deadbolt locks, you'll have to block the latch from the inside with a piece of wood or metal and bend it slightly, then tighten or loosen any screws that hold it in place.

    Once you are done making adjustments, simply slide out your tool and remove the bar from its locked position. If you've purchased a new lock, test it to see if it turns smoothly and locks and unlocks as it should.

    That's the basics of how to change a lock. Hopefully, this will prevent you from having too much trouble with the process.

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