LIPTAK ADVANCED CARPET CLEANING Renesent Service Liptak Restoration
LIPTAK ADVANCED CARPET CLEANING Renesent Service Liptak Restoration

Carpet Cleaning Service In Westfield, MA


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Liptak Advanced Carpet Cleaning Service in Westfield, MA
We have been professionally cleaning carpets by IICRC standards for Western Mass for 26 years.
We pride ourselves in our repeat customers year after year.   We earned this loyalty because of our IICRC certified and trained technicians in addition to our State-of-the-Art Truck mounts that can produce steam up to 240 degrees.  At 180 degrees F we start killing bacteria, and for every 18 degrees over 180 we double our cleaning strength.  The equipment we use such as the  Everest Machine by Prochem has the new Trilobe Blowers which can dry carpet faster than any other machine available.  The Prochem cleaning agents that we use is Prochem Axiom, this cleaner is a Green Clean Agent.  And this cleaning agent is extremely safe for Children, Pets, and for people with autoimmune disorders, i.e. Asthma, etc.
A brief explaination of our cleaning procedures:
Our IICRC Certified Technicians inspect the Carpet.
We go over any concerns that either you might have or we might have.
Decide if Scotchgard protection or Odor Neutralizer treatment may be needed.
We will then provide you with a written price before any cleaning is performed.
Pretreat all spots, and traffic ways.  Scrub all areas that may need additional attention.  (If furniture is to be moved we will clean underneath and then slide back and block or tab the furniture)
Rinse all carpet using a non residual rinsing agent, the Green clean Prochem Axiom, that will remove all of our pre-treater agents, and soil.  This will leave your carpets residue free and Squeaky clean.
For tall nap carpets we will then groom them.
The average drying time will depend on the day and time of year.  Carpets will usually be dry within two hours.  You can decrease the drying time with fans blowing directly on the carpeting, in the winter turn the heat up and in the summer turn your air conditioner on.
You may walk on carpet while it is drying but limit how much traffic.  Make sure to be careful as damp carpet and Scotchgard protector can make your shoes slippery when walking onto a non-carpeted floor.
Final step…Enjoy your Liptak Clean carpets that now look like new.
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For product pricing, customization, or other inquiries:

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